Third Grade Social Studies Geography Worksheets


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  • Kansas State Flag

    Here's a fun activity for geography students learning about the U.S. states. Color the Kansas state flag and read a fun fact about the symbols on it.

  • Missouri State Flag

    Learn about the Missouri state flag with this coloring page. Students can read a fun fact about the symbols on this flag as they add in the correct colors.

  • Virginia State Flag

    Learn your U.S. states with a state flag coloring activity featuring the state flag of Virginia! Be sure to read about the Latin motto on the flag as you color.

  • North Carolina State Flag

    Get to know the state of North Carolina by coloring its state flag! Your child can read an interesting fact about the symbols on this flag as she colors.

  • History of Phoenix

    Did you know Phoenix, Arizona is located in a desert ecosystem? Learn more about Phoenix with this fun sheet!

  • History of Houston

    Do you know how Houston got its nickname "Space City"? Find out, with this great fun sheet, all about Houston, Texas!

  • State Shapes: Southwest

    Label states in Southwest U.S., and help you child learn the U.S. map by taking it one region at a time.

  • State Capitals Crossword 2

    Test your knowledge of the states and their capitals with this U.S. geography crossword puzzle. See if you can figure out the states that host Atlanta and more.

  • Nevada State Flag

    Get to know the state of Nevada, and color its state flag! Your child can read an interesting fact about the symbol on this flag as he colors.

  • States and Capitals Crossword Puzzle

    You might be able to name the state that Phoenix is in, but what about Montpelier? This U.S. geography crossword helps you discover the answer and more.

  • State Flag of Wyoming

    Geography students, learn about the state flag of Wyoming with a coloring activity! Be sure to read about the images on the flag as you color.

  • Wisconsin State Flag

    Learn all about the Wisconsin state flag with this fun coloring activity. Students can read a few interesting facts about the images on this flag.

  • Cuisine of California

    Learn a bit about the cuisine of California with a fun food map! Your little one can even add some sunny colors to this picture too.

  • History of Austin

    How much do you know about the capital of Texas? Learn about the history of Austin with a fun page, including a word search, drawing and a timeline.

  • Oregon State Flag

    Did you know that the Oregon state flag has different images on either side? Color each side of the flag and read about what each picture symbolizes.

  • Road Trip Map

    Let's take a road trip to learn geograhpy! Help Tammy's family trace their vacation route on this road trip map.

  • History of Dallas

    Did you know Dallas is home to the largest airport in the U.S.? Teach your child about the history of Dallas with this fun worksheet.

  • Kentucky State Flag

    Get to know the state of Kentucky by coloring its state flag! Your child will get to read a fact about the flag's symbols as he colors.

  • Long Day's Journey

    Searching for a way to help you child read a map? This printable worksheet is perfect for practicing navigation skills.

  • State Shapes: Northwest

    Label states in the Northwest U.S. all the way over to some Great Plain states.

  • States and Capitals Game

    This worksheet will help your fourth grader practice her geography skills. To complete this maze, your child will need to know her state capitals.

  • History of Portland

    Did you know Portland is the second largest city on the West coast? Teach your child about the history of Portland, Oregon with this fun sheet!

  • Vermont State Flag

    Take a look at the Vermont state flag! Your geography student can learn a bit about the Vermont coat of arms with this state flag coloring page.

  • State Capitals Crossword 1

    Use your knowledge of state capitals to solve this geography-themed crossword puzzle. Exercise your knowledge of U.S. geography with this unique worksheet.