Third Grade Social Studies Geography Worksheets


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  • West Virginia State Flag

    Get to know the state of West Virginia, and color its state flag! Your child can learn about the state's coat of arms as he colors.

  • Rhode Island State Flag

    Geography students, enjoy a fun coloring page that will teach you a bit about the Rhode Island state flag. Try to add in the right colors to the flag!

  • Color the World! Cappadocia

    Cappadocia is a region in Turkey featuring unique rock formations and beautiful vistas.

  • State Capitals Crossword 6

    Strengthen your knowledge of state capitals with this U.S. geography crossword puzzle. Find the home states for Austin, Honolulu, Raleigh, and more.

  • Delaware State Flag

    Learn about our nation's very first state, with a Delaware state flag coloring page! Your child can read a fun fact about the symbols on the flag as he colors.

  • Cursive Capitals: Albany

    In this worksheet, kids will learn that the capital of New York state is Albany. They will also have the opportunity to practice their cursive skills.

  • State Capitals Crossword 4

    Many people have heard of Juneau, but sometimes it's hard to remember the state that it's in. Exercise your knowledge of U.S. geography with this crossword.

  • Montana State Flag

    Is your child learning about U.S. geography? Give him a fun activity, with a coloring page featuring the state flag of Montana!

  • State Fun Facts

    How much does your child know about the states? Quiz him with these state fun facts!

  • South Carolina State Flag

    What is on the state flag of South Carolina? Find out with this fun geography page, where your student will color the South Carolina state flag.

  • History of Miami

    Did you know Miami was founded thanks to the efforts of a woman? Teach your child about the history of Miami with this fun worksheet.

  • State Capitals Crossword Puzzle

    Find the home states for Sacramento, Topeka, and Boston in this geography crossword. Students will solve the puzzle to find matching states and capital cities.

  • South Dakota State Flag

    Get to know the state of South Dakota by coloring its state flag! Your child will read about the state seal on the flag as he colors.

  • New Hampshire State Flag

    How well does your student know her U.S. states? Give her a fun activity with this state flag coloring page, featuring the flag of New Hampshire.

  • State Shapes: East Coast

    Learn to label the states all across America by taking the map one chunk at a time.

  • History of Santa Clara

    Learn about Santa Clara with this fun worksheet, which includes a timeline, word search, trivia question, and a coloring activity.

  • What is a Canyon?

    What is a canyon? Get the definition of this remarkable land form. Then hop around the globe for examples of canyons around the world!

  • State Capitals Crossword 3

    You may know where Little Rock is, but do you know what state the people of Madison call home? Solve this U.S. geography crossword puzzle to reveal the answer.

  • Elevations Reading Charts

    Students will learn how to read a chart and answer questions based on it with this worksheet. Use the Elevations of the U.S. chart to find the answers.

  • Elevations of the U.S. Chart

    Can you guess which state has the highest elevation point? Use this Elevations of the U.S. chart to help answer questions in other worksheets.

  • State Capitals Crossword 5

    Challenge your child to identify state shapes and their capital cities, while having fun with crossword puzzles.

  • Rivers of the U.S. Chart

    This chart contains the lengths of the rivers in miles. Use this Rivers of the U.S. chart to help answer questions in other worksheets.

  • History of Albuquerque

    How much do you know about Albuquerque, New Mexico? This city history sheet is packed with fun facts about the city.

  • Shorelines of the U.S. Chart

    Use this Shorelines of the U.S. chart to help answer questions in other worksheets.