Kindergarten Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Picture Math

    Help your child begin to learn about math problems using pictures. He'll count the pictures to create simple addition equations.

  • Mid-Year Kindergarten Math Assessment: Addition within 10

    Use these fun math problems to assess your students’ ability to solve addition problems within 10.

  • Adding Up!

    Kindergarten students are practicing adding numbers. Help them practice adding one more with this fun cut and paste activity!

  • Handy Addition: Using Fingers to Count

    Using fingers to count and add up numbers is encouraged here. Your child will continue to practice addition problems with this handy addition worksheet.

  • How Many Shapes?

    This worksheet will help your kindergarten students practice identifying and writing each part of an addition equation.

  • Adding One

    Kindergarten students are becoming better at adding numbers every day! Help them understand what happens when you add one more using this fun worksheet.

  • Count and Add #1

    Give your child her first lesson in addition with this simple counting worksheet.

  • Add the Numbers: Meet Spiky

    Help Spiky complete these addition problems and help him find his bone!

  • Counting Up

    Practice counting up using this fall-themed worksheet. Students will have fun figuring out the missing numbers that belong on each pumpkin.

  • Counting and Adding

    Let's practice counting and adding with Muggo, everyone's favorite minion in's new games product, Brainzy.

  • Add the Numbers: Roger

    Help Roger the dog find a cookie he likes by adding the numbers in each box.

  • Easter Picture Addition

    Who's that coming down the path? Why, it must be the Easter bunny! Give your first grader a fun way to practice her basic addition.

  • St. Patrick's Day Picture Addition

    It won't be the luck of the Irish that helps your little one with this math worksheet. She'll use her counting skills to add up some picture equations.

  • How Many Shoes?

    One day your little one may collect a huge set of shoes, but he'll need to count and add first! Give him some practice adding shoes with this worksheet.

  • Duck Addition

    These ducks are all in a line and ready to be counted! Your kindergartener will use single digit addition to add these adorable ducks.

  • Beach Addition

    It's a beach themed addition party, and your kindergartener is invited! She'll practice single digit addition with fun and familiar beach items.

  • Very Nutty!

    You kids will get an intro to basic addition with this worksheet, which challenges them to count and add acorns, walnuts, and almonds!

  • Bug Addition

    Let's catch some critters! Apply those counting skills to addition with this creepy-crawly picture math worksheet.

  • Count and Add #2

    Give your child an easy introduction to addition with this counting worksheet.

  • Wear It! Addition

    Count the number of different types of clothes in each box to solve the simple addition problems.

  • Add the Numbers: Jumbo the Elephant

    Elephants may never forget, but they don't know how to count.

  • Fourth of July Coloring & Addition: Rockets!

    Simple addition salutes Independence Day and a fun way to practice math for your child this summer!

  • Easy Addition

    Give your child an introduction to addition with help from this easy addition worksheet. She'll draw more of each item, then count them up to find the total.

  • Construction Math

    Show your little builder the basics of addition with this picture math worksheet!