Kindergarten Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Flower Addition

    You can never have too many flowers! Have your kindergartener count and add flowers with this math worksheet.

  • Starstruck Addition

    Strengthen your beginner's math skills by having her complete this basic addition worksheet by counting the number of stars in each box to solve the problems.

  • Picture Addition: Construction

    Make math fun by taking it to the construction zone! Count up the items in each picture sentence to find the sums.

  • Construction Addition

    Take math practice to the construction zone with this picture addition worksheet.

  • Summertime Fun!

    Complete this sizzling hot addition worksheet by adding together the summer-related items in each box.

  • Building Addition

    Addition and building go hand in hand. Show your little math whiz the basics of addition with this picture math worksheet.

  • Fruity Fun

    Complete this simple addition worksheet by counting all of the fruit in each box in order to find the answers to the problems.

  • Flower Power

    Add the flowers together by counting the number of total flowers in each box.

  • Halloween Math: Simple Addition 3

    Put your child on the path of mastering simple addition with numbers one through 10 this Halloween!

  • Easter Addition Practice

    Celebrate spring with some Easter addition practice. This roundup of picture equations provides a great visual intro to addition.

  • Christmas Counting #3

    Have a Merry Math Christmas! Here is a wintry worksheet to keep your kindergartener sharp on his math skills during the Christmas break.

  • Berry Picking: Practicing Counting

    This worksheet asks your preschooler to count the number of blueberries on each muffin, and then decide how many more need to be added to make the number five.

  • Addition Zone

    Get your math gloves on, it's time for construction addition!

  • Kitchen Addition

    This simple worksheet consists of easy addition problems which can be solved by counting the total number of kitchen items in each box.

  • Draw and Add

    There's more to add than meets the eye! Your kindergartener will follow the directions to draw more objects before adding them all together.

  • Flower Picture Addition

    Take a different approach to math with this picture addition worksheet. Kids will practice their math skills by adding up pictures of flowers.

  • Roll of the Dice

    What better way to practice math than with a game? First, grab a partner to play with you. Kids will practice addition math problems by rolling dice.

  • Party Favors!

    If Patty blew up two balloons, and her mom blew up two, how many balloons are there? Help your child learn the basic idea behind addition with this worksheet.

  • Construction Picture Addition

    Counting is the first step to learning addition. Help your little construction worker count up these tools to find the sums!

  • Jungle Picture Addition

    What does a banana, a leaf, and a tree trunk have in common? This jungle addition worksheet will challenge your student to count all the different pictures.

  • Balance the Monkey

    This worksheet will give your kindergartner practice with counting and simple addition.

  • Bird Addition

    Count these birds before they fly away! Your students will count these birds and add them up to find out how many birds are sitting on these branches.

  • Construction Zone Addition

    This picture addition worksheet is great for helping kids learn the basics of arithmetic.

  • Draw to Add

    Students will fill in the pictures to answer addition problems. Learn addition using pictures with this worksheet. Draw the pictures and then add them.