Kindergarten Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Magical Numbers

    One more and one less. Your students will practice adding in the missing numbers on this worksheet.

  • Addition to 10

    Assess your students’ understanding of addition by having them solve addition problems within 10. This fun worksheet will have your kindergarten class adding up balloons, cupcakes, and more!

  • Autumn Addition

    Add together the items in each box that relate to the fall season by counting the total number of items.

  • One Digit Fairy Addition

    Even math is fun when fairies are involved! Your kindergartener will enjoy learning to add with this colorful worksheet.

  • Bug Picture Addition

    Take a look at all these bugs running around. How many are there of each? Your kid will practice adding by counting the pictures of all these different bugs.

  • Sports Addition

    How much sporting fun could your kid have with all these balls? We'll never know, but he can definitely learn to count and add with this fun worksheet.

  • Add the Shapes

    Add the different types of shapes in each box to solve the simple addition problems.

  • Super Numbers

    Use this super-powered worksheet to help your students break apart numbers. They will love filling in the missing numbers to make each equation true.

  • Ninja Arithmetic

    Your child will have a great time doing this kindergarten math worksheet! Kids add single-digit numbers and write the sums on this ninja-themed worksheet.

  • Add up the Bugs

    Eww, look at all these creepy crawlers! Just how many are there? Let your kindergartener find out as he learns to count and add.

  • Halloween Math: Simple Addition 2

    Counting practice gets a spooky treat with this Halloween math worksheet. Combine coloring with counting and addition!

  • Veggie Delight

    Encourage your brainiac to practice his addition skills using this vegetable-themed worksheet by simply counting the number of vegetables in each box.

  • Adding 1: Baby Chicks

    Have your little math learner count the number of chicks and add them together for great practice in adding one on this math worksheet.

  • One More

    Kindergarten students are excited to practice their addition skills. As they grow to become better mathematicians, use this fun worksheet to help them understand what happens when you add one more.

  • Leap Frog

    Searching for a worksheet that will practice both addition and subtraction skills? This printable is great for beginning math stars.

  • Thanksgiving Math: Simple Addition #2

    Have a slice of Thanksgiving addition with this worksheet for young kids. Kids will use pictures of Thanksgiving foods to find the sums in addition problems.

  • Whale Bonds

    Students will practice adding within five as they identify the missing number on each whale number bond!

  • Undersea Addition

    Add some undersea creatures to your kindergartener's math practice. He'll practice single digit addition as he adds up some new ocean friends.

  • Halloween Math: Simple Addition 1

    Counting practice gets a stretch with this Halloween math worksheet. Combine coloring with counting and addition!

  • Addition and Coloring

    These drawings need some color to liven them up. Students will color the pictures while honing their math skills with this addition coloring worksheet.

  • Valentine's Day Picture Math

    Would you be my valentine? Introduce your kindergartener to basic addition with Valentine's Day picture math!

  • Practice Writing Numbers: 1-5

    Help your child learn the basic idea behind addition with this leafy math worksheet.

  • St. Paddy's Day Addition

    Try your luck with these picture addition problems, great for helping kindergarteners make the leap from counting to addition!

  • Thanksgiving Math: Simple Addition #3

    Visual learners will eat up this Thanksgiving math worksheet. Full of pumpkins, our math exercises get your kid to solve by counting Thanksgiving icons.