Kindergarten Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Easter Math: Egg Basket Addition

    Add up simple addition problems using Easter themed visual aids, such as Easter eggs and flowers. Try our Easter addition worksheet with your child this spring.

  • Spring is in the Air!

    Welcome the start of the spring season by completing this bright and cheery addition worksheet. Solve the problems by counting the number of items in each box.

  • Christmas Add and Color

    Keep your little elf busy during this Christmas break. He will practice addition by counting these holdiay pictures, and when he's done he can color them in!

  • Zoo Animal Picture Addition

    It looks like all these animals have gathered to hang out. How many have been invited? Students will practice their addition skills by adding up the drawings.

  • One More Vegetable!

    One more vegetable! This worksheet will have your students figuring out what happens when you add one more vegetable to the existing list.

  • Easter Math: Busy Bee Addition

    Help your busy bee get some addition practice in on Easter with this addition worksheet. She'll use visual clues to help her tally up addition problems.

  • Count and Add #3

    Learning addition is as easy as 1-2-3! Give your child a head start on addition with this counting worksheet.

  • Picture Addition Matching

    These pictures and equations are all mixed up! Match up the picture representations with the correct written equations.

  • Domino Dash

    Use dominoes to play a fun game of comparison. Encourage your child to practice identifying what numbers are greater than, less than, or equal to others.

  • Simple Springtime Addition

    Let the joy of spring inspire your kindergartener's next math practice. She'll use single digit addition to add up bright flowers.

  • Addition is Instrumental

    Complete this musical-themed addition worksheet by counting the total number of instruments to find the answers to the problems.

  • Fruitful Addition

    Encourage your kindergartener to practice his addition by completing this fun, fruit themed worksheet.

  • Add the Tools

    Have your little construction worker practice his math skills by counting the number of tools in each box to find the answer to the addition problems.

  • Adding with Pictures

    Is your little counter ready for the next step? Introduce her to addition with this picture math worksheet.

  • School Rules!

    Count the number of school supplies in each box to find the answers to the simple addition problems.

  • St. Paddy's Addition

    Make the leap from counting to addition with this fun picture addition activity.

  • Explorer Addition

    Is your little explorer reading for some addition practice? He'll use single digit addition to add items familiar to any outdoor adventurer.

  • Christmas Counting #1

    Santa's sleigh is filled with toys and candy canes! Can your child count how many are there? Practice simple addition in the spirit of Christmas.

  • Ninja Addition

    Your child will have a great time with this kindergarten math worksheet! Kids practice adding single-digit numbers and writing the sums in this ninja worksheet.

  • Builder Addition

    Little builders, get ready for some construction zone math! Your child will use his counting skills to solve these addition equations.

  • Single-Digit Fairy Addition

    Print out this fairy-themed worksheet for a fun, easy way to help kindergarteners learn simple addition skills.

  • Add the Homes

    Practice simple addition with this worksheet featuring picture diagrams by counting the number of houses in each box to solve the problems.

  • Grains Galore!

    Put your mind to work by completing this addition worksheet. Count the number of grains in each box to solve the addition problems.

  • Lucky Addition

    Get into the spirit of St. Patty's Day with this picture addition worksheet for beginners.