Kindergarten Math Data Worksheets


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  • Sort 2D and 3D Shapes

    Can your kid tell the difference between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes? Kindergarten is a good time to start!

  • Transportation Match Up

    There are many different modes of transportation. Some travel on land, some on air, and others on water! Can you tell the difference?

  • Shape Jumble

    Help your kindergarten child learn his geometric shapes with this printable coloring worksheet.

  • Make a Bar Graph

    This adorable worksheet takes the stress out of math by making it a hands-on experiment.

  • Less Than/Greater Than

    By counting groups of objects and deciding if one is less than, greater than or equal to the other, your child will be learning important math skills.

  • Sort and Count Fruits

    How many different kinds of fruit do you see? Help your child learn to sort and count objects with a fun coloring activity.

  • Comparing Weight

    Take measurement learning to the next level with this comparing weight worksheet featuring common objects, and practice reading numbers.

  • How Many Shapes Are There?

    How many shapes are there? They're all mixed up! Can your kid count how many there are of each type?

  • On the Button: Grouping and Sorting

    This worksheet requires skills in shape and color recognition, and categorizing objects.

  • Cut-Out Graph: Fruit

    This sweet sheet take the stress out of math by making it a hands-on experiment.

  • Greater Than and Less Than

    Count colorful pictures out loud and compare groups of items to begin learning about greater than and less than. This worksheet deals with groups of 4 to 7.

  • Food Is Fantastic: Healthy or Not Healthy?

    Get kids started on eating right with this printable activity. Cut out the pictures of the different foods and paste just the healthy ones onto the plate.

  • Less or More?

    Help your child improve his counting skills with this printable worksheet, which is all about comparing quantities.

  • More, Less, or Equal: Practice Comparing Numbers

    Looking for a math challenge for your kindergartener? This counting worksheet is a great way to introduce them to basic inequalities and number comparison.

  • Comparing Two Things

    In this worksheet, your child will be comparing two things in the pictures and will decide for himself which one is taller, older, or heavier.

  • Cut-Out Graph: Vegetables

    This savory worksheet takes the stress out of math by making it a hands-on experiment.

  • More and Less: Less

    Your child can learn about the difference between more and less with bouquets of cheerful blossoms as her guide.

  • Graph It! What Kind of Pet Do You Have?

    This worksheet is perfect for the kid that asks, "When am I ever going to use math?" Conduct a pet survey with your child by using this pet graphing worksheet.

  • Cut-Out Graph: Sea Creatures

    This bubbly worksheet takes the stress out of math by turning it into a hands-on experiment.

  • Making Comparisons

    Practice basic math and observation skills with your young one, using this mini book you can fold up yourself!

  • Water Vehicles

    Can you tell which of these vehicles travels by water? Get a review of transportation with your kindergartener.

  • Graph It! What is Your Favorite Fruit?

    Get your kindergartener excited about graphing with this favorite fruit survey. Kids will ask friends about favorite fruits and record the data on a graph.

  • Land Vehicles

    Need to get somewhere? Review the different modes of transportation with your little learner!

  • What Doesn't Belong?: Shapes, Letters, and Numbers

    Circle, cheese, triangle, square: One of these things does not belong in this group. Help your child figure out the outlying object with this worksheet.