First Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Reach For The Stars #5

    Your child can get a grip on number relationships by adding and subtracting the same numbers within a fact family, a great method for memorizing math facts.

  • Halloween Addition

    Don't let your child become a math zombie this Halloween! Stay sharp by practicing addition facts with this spooky math sheet.

  • Ski Race Math Facts #4

    It's a math facts ski race! Kids will color math-filled flags to determine which skier made it down the hill first.

  • Count the Dots: Single-Digit Addition 26

    Expressing addition problems both visually and numerically, this first grade math worksheet offers a good introduction to number addition.

  • Add and Subtract to Find the Magic Word

    The wizard has a secret message, but to unlock the code your first grader must do some addition and subtraction problems.

  • Aquatic Addition

    Your first grader can practice addition under the sea with this worksheet that features 12 beginning addition problems and a colorfully fishy theme!

  • Addition Fishin'

    Time to start fishin' for addition! Here's a great worksheet to help your child practice his simple addition and counting.

  • Holiday Math: Groundhog Day Addition

    Show your first grader how to infuse Groundhog's Day with some addition practice. This bright worksheet's as fun to look at as it is to complete!

  • St. Patrick's Day Word Problems

    Try your luck at these St. Patrick's Day word problems! Your first grader will be building his reading skills as he practices addition.

  • Halloween Word Problems #9

    Make math fun, not frightening! Give your child a fun way to practice addition and subtraction, without the boring equations.

  • Making Numbers: Addition #1

    How many ways can your first grader make each number? They'll boost their addition, counting, and problem solving skills!

  • Add and Color: Apple Trees

    In this math coloring sheet, your child can practice his simple addition and subtraction math facts, and color in the apple trees when he's finished.

  • Valentine Addition

    Your little one will love practicing basic addition with this Valentine's Day worksheet! She'll do some coloring as she solves each equation.

  • St. Patrick's Day Addition #2

    Give your little lucky charm a fun way to practice his math this St. Patty's Day! He'll have 12 simple addition problems to solve.

  • Add and Color: Fish

    Got a math whiz on your hands? Introduce him to addition with regrouping, with a fun coloring page!

  • Fishing For Math Facts: Ten

    Math got your child down in the dumps? Just go fishing! Play the "Fish for Answers" game to learn simple addition and subtraction.

  • Football Addition #2

    Brush up on addition facts with a fun, football-themed worksheet! Your child can practice making "field goals" by solving each simple addition problem.

  • Count 'Em Up: Carrot Addition

    Make your first grader's addition skills as strong as a crunchy carrot! Use this colorful counting worksheet to boost her ability.

  • Count 'Em Up: Leaf Addition

    Does addition leave your child stumped? Help her wrap her head around the concept with this leafy worksheet that helps her visualize how addition works.

  • Add and Color: Mushrooms

    Have blast doing math with this addition coloring page! Your first grader can practice his addition facts while he colors.

  • Basketball Addition Facts #3

    How fast can your child do his addition facts? Test his math skills with a fun basketball math sheet, and he'll practice doing one-digit addition equations.

  • Reach for the Stars #2

    Addition and subtraction fact families get a lift from this squad of rocket ships. Help your child practice addition and subtraction with this worksheet.

  • Thanksgiving Addition #5

    Gobble gobble, get ready for some Thanksgiving addition problems! Your child can practice her addition facts with these simple one-digit equations.

  • Count the Dots: Single-Digit Addition 20

    Here's some valuable single-digit addition practice that will hold your child's interest with some colorful diagrams!