First Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Easter Addition

    The Easter bunny's been busy hiding colorful eggs all over the yard. Each one has a simple addition problem for your first grader to solve.

  • Math Salad 16

    To help your child get ahead in math, give her this fun, fruit-filled addition worksheet covering single-digit addition problems.

  • Valentine's Day Addition #5

    Put a little love into math practice with these sweet Valentine's Day addition problems, where your first grader can review his math facts.

  • Treasure Chest II

    Need a worksheet to help your kid with his money counting? This printable will give him practice sorting coins.

  • Basketball Addition Facts #5

    Test your child's math handling skills with a fun addition worksheet. He'll practice his addition facts, and soon he'll be an all star!

  • Math Puzzle: Finding Sums

    Use problem solving and critical thinking skills to find different sums in these puzzles.

  • Count 'Em Up: Pear Addition

    Having trouble getting your first grader to practice addition? He may change his tune with this colorful worksheet that lets him count up the pears!

  • How Much Should I Pay?

    Familiarize your child with the basic concept of money with this math worksheet. He'll write down the price of each item and add them up for the total.

  • Fishing For Math Facts: Fourteen

    Make math fun with this series of "Fishing for Answers" math facts. Your child will be able to practice doing simple subtraction and addition equations.

  • Addition Word Problems

    Word problems are a great way to apply math knowledge to real-world situations. Check in on your first graders’ abilities to solve addition word problems with this handy assessment.

  • Fishing for Addition Answers

    What a catch! Here's a great worksheet that will help your child practice his simple addition and counting.

  • Fishing For Math Facts: Eight

    Make math fun with this series of "Fishing for Answers" addition and subtraction math facts.

  • Math Salad 4

    As your first grader digs into some "math salad," he will fine tune those important addition skills and strengthen his ability to perform basic mental math.

  • Draw and Add Challenge #5

    Picture this! To help your student visualize the math equations, have him draw out pictures to represent each one.

  • Draw and Add #3

    Little artists can apply their drawing skills to math practice with this picture addition activity.

  • Count 'Em Up: Olive Addition

    Who knew olives could help with math? Help your child learn his addition facts with this worksheet bursting with olives eager to help.

  • Math with Money

    Help Anna figure out how much she needs to pay! This math with money worksheet gets your child to do some simple addition and preps her to handle real money.

  • Draw and Add Challenge #2

    Take the drawing and adding challenge! Use your art skills to draw out each story problem.

  • Ski Race Math Facts #9

    These skiers are flying down the slopes! Who will win? Your first grader will join the high-flying fun while practicing addition and subtraction facts.

  • Math Salad 7

    This fruity math printable will help your first grader fine tune his mental math skills as it refines his understanding of single-digit addition.

  • Valentine's Day Math Facts #5

    Have some math and coloring practice with your chocolates in this Valentine's Day mental math worksheet. Your kid will solve addition and subtraction problems.

  • Count 'Em Up: Cheesy Addition

    Help your first grader take a bite out of her addition struggles! This colorful worksheet's promise is two-fold, providing some addition and counting practice.

  • Draw and Add Challenge #3

    Learn to add double digits with a fun activity that combines word problems, drawing and addition.

  • Add and Color: Whale

    Give your child a coloring page with a twist; first she'll solve a few addition equations, and then she can color the drawing.