First Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Ski Race Math Facts #8

    If your kid loves to ski, here's a math sheet of Olympic proportions! He'll need to solve a few math facts to help these skiers get down the slopes.

  • Fishing For Math Facts: Five

    Make math fun with this series of "Fishing for Answers" math facts!

  • Valentine's Day Addition #4

    Build basic math skills with this practice sheet, full of one-digit addition equations for your child to practice and start memorizing.

  • Christmas Addition #4

    Merry Christmas! To help your child stay sharp during the holiday, Santa has left lots of colorful presents filled with addition facts for your child to solve.

  • Halloween Math Word Problems

    Print out these four pages of delightful Halloween math word problems, and try to keep learning going before the sugar rush!

  • Thanksgiving Addition #4

    Prepare for an addition feast! Your child will practice her addition facts, simple one-digit addition equations.

  • Add and Color: Flowers

    This is a coloring page with a twist! Challenge your first grader to solve all the addition equations before he colors the picture.

  • Christmas Addition #3

    Get ready for some merry math practice this Christmas! Santa has left lots of colorful presents filled with simple addition facts.

  • Valentine's Day Addition #3

    Little math learners can have a blast solving these Valentine's Day addition problems! Build basic math skills with this practice sheet.

  • Simple Addition Fishin'

    Let's go fishing! Here's a great worksheet to help your child practice his simple addition and counting.

  • Count the Dots: Single-Digit Addition 18

    This worksheet will provide your child with some valuable addition practice that won't be a bore!

  • Count the Dots: Single-Digit Addition 17

    Your first grader can practice single-digit addition by doing little more than counting dots!

  • Halloween Addition #5

    Stay sharp this Halloween by practicing addition facts with this spooky math sheet. Your child will practice solving one digit addition problems.

  • Olympic Addition #1

    Can you compete in the Olympics? Sure you can! Add your way down the lanes to find out who wins this math race.

  • Easter Addition #5

    Enjoy an egg-cellent Easter review of addition facts! Hunt for a solution in each colorful egg, with simple addition problems for your first grader to solve.

  • Count 'Em Up: Mango Addition

    Get hungry for math with this addition worksheet bursting with juicy mangoes.

  • Math Is Magical

    Pretty colors and magic wands make math magical! With this worksheet your first grader can review her addition facts.

  • Addition Practice: Fruit Blast

    Make addition practice fun with this fruit-filled first grade worksheet! To complete it, your child will solve the addition problems in each piece of fruit.

  • Add and Color: Sheep

    Don't let math get your child counting sheep; here's a fun math sheet where he'll get to color the sheep! He'll practice addition problems as he colors.

  • Math Salad 11

    Make solving addition problems fun with this fruit-filled first grade math worksheet! Your child will solve addition problems that add up to 10 or less.

  • Math Salad 9

    This charming "math salad" addition worksheet will give your first grader the extra assistance he needs to become a mathematics mastermind!

  • Addition Pictures

    The best way to learn addition is to visualize it! Get some fun practice with beginning addition.

  • Addition with Money

    With this money math worksheet, your child gets practice at simple addition while learning the concept of money. Write down the prices and add them up!

  • Simple Addition Problems

    This simple worksheet lets your child practice single digit addition to find the sums that equal the number above each orange.