First Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Count the Dots: Single-Digit Addition 29

    This fun first grade math worksheet combines visual and number addition so your child can see visually how addition works.

  • Fishin' for Addition

    How many fish can you catch? Help your child practice his simple addition and counting with this fun worksheet!

  • Adding On a Hundred Chart

    This hundred chart is the perfect way for kids to show what they've learned as far as adding on a hundred chart.

  • Count 'Em Up: Orange Slice Addition

    Does your child drag his feet when it comes to addition? Full of bright colors and cheerful orange slices, this addition worksheet just might change his mind.

  • Money Math

    How much for a pen and banana? This money math worksheet gets your child to perform some simple arithmetic while prepping him to handle money in real life.

  • Count 'Em Up: Kiwi Addition

    Looking for a new way to help your first grader tackle addition? Indulge in a little kiwi math!

  • Thanksgiving Addition #3

    Your first grader will get into the spirit of the Thanksgiving season as she works on these festive addition problems.

  • Add and Color: Cats

    Is your child in need of some math practice? Give him a fun coloring sheet that includes a few addition problems!

  • Count the Dots: Single-Digit Addition 21

    In this first grade math worksheet, your child will solve single-digit addition problems two ways: with numbers and with dots!

  • Count 'Em Up: String Bean Addition

    Give your child a healthy dose of math with this wholesome string bean addition worksheet.

  • Math Splash: Practicing Addition

    This math splash worksheet is a fun way to get your child to practice addition! Your child will solve addition problems printed in the paint splash.

  • Baseball Addition

    Take a swing at math practice with baseball addition! Your child will get to practice his addition facts, and soon he'll have them memorized.

  • Bulls-eye Puzzles

    Your first grader will need to use her knowledge of addition and subtraction in order to solve these puzzles.

  • Count 'Em Up: Lime Addition

    Get your first grader excited for addition practice with a lovely lime-filled worksheet. Bursting with cheerful shades of green, it's sure to make her happy.

  • Add and Color: Umbrellas

    Get your first grader excited about addition with a fun math coloring page. She'll practice her addition facts as she colors the picture.

  • Easter Addition #4

    Stay sharp this spring season with an addition Easter egg hunt! Your child will practice her addition facts, simple one-digit addition problems.

  • Addition Puzzle: 10s

    Try this addition puzzle with your first grader and practice finding sums of 10.

  • Count 'Em Up: Tomato Addition

    Bite into math with this juicy worksheet full of plump tomatoes. Your first grader might think math's a bore, but this colorful printable is anything but dull.

  • Math Salad 13

    Introduce your child to beginning arithmetic with this first grade math worksheet. To complete it, your child will solve single-digit addition problems.

  • Candy Store Coin Practice #3

    Practice those money and math skills with this delicious worksheet! Cut out the paper coins and use them to buy candy.

  • Christmas Addition

    Santa's a busy guy. Help him out this holiday season by adding up his stash of candy canes, snowmen and presents!

  • Basic Beaver Addition

    This busy beaver is boosting his addition skills one problem at a time. Help your kid get in on the addition fun!

  • Multiple Choice Addition

    Even basic addition can be a toughie, so let your pride shine through with this addition worksheet that boasts a blue ribbon in the corner.

  • Count 'Em Up: Grapefruit Addition

    Pack a fruity punch into your first grader's math practice! These countable grapefruits make addition more interesting.