First Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Holiday Math: Valentine's Day Addition

    If you want to get your child in the Valentine's Day mood and improve her addition and mental math ability, this pretty printable is sure to do the trick.

  • Post Office Addition

    Practice math with the postman! Word problems are a great way to help her understand a basic math concept from a different angle.

  • Count 'Em Up: Cookie Addition

    Sweeten up addition facts with cute cookie images. Let your kid count up the delectable cookies to boost her addition know-how!

  • Fishin' for Simple Addition

    This math worksheet is a great catch! Help your child practice his simple addition and counting.

  • Addition Practice: A Helping Hand

    In this addition practice worksheet, your 1st grader will solve addition problems with sums up to 9 using pictures of hands to help her count.

  • Basketball Addition Facts #2

    Here's a supplemental math activity that beats boring textbook math. Your child will work on his addition facts, practicing to become an addition all star!

  • Addition Practice Sheet

    Add a little fun to basic addition practice! Mini mathematicians can review addition facts as they figure out the hidden phrase at the bottom of the page.

  • Valentine's Day Math Facts #6

    Do some mental math with your young valentine in this combination math and color-by-number worksheet. Kids will solve simple addition and subtraction problems.

  • Mystery Number

    Find the mystery number in this intro-to-algebra worksheet that practice places value.

  • Simple Word Problems

    Create mathematical fruit salad as you add and subtract different types of fruit with this worksheet full of beginners' word problems.

  • Boo! Trick or Treat Addition

    Sneak some addition practice into Halloween night with this festively spooky math worksheet.

  • Library Addition: Adding Book Stacks

    This fun first grade math worksheet uses stacks of library books to help kids practice single-digit vertical addition.

  • Count 'Em Up: Bell Pepper Addition

    Boost your first grader's confidence with addition and counting with this veggie-filled single-digit addition worksheet.

  • Count 'Em Up: Gummy Bear Addition

    What kid doesn't love gummy bears? Sweeten up math practice with a little gummy bear addition!

  • Math-Go-Round: Addition (Expert)

    A board game perfect for sharpening your 1st-grader's addition skills.

  • Find the Sum

    Give your child practice with his math skills with this first grade worksheet, which is all about addition.

  • Easter Word Problems #1

    Get ready for Easter! These colorful word problems will get your child in the mood for this spring holiday as he practices basic math.

  • The Make Ten Game

    Make making ten a game with this extra-easy addition card game that comes with all the supplies you need.

  • Math Search Puzzles

    Math search puzzles are a fun and clever way of helping kids review math facts. Print 'em out and see how many your kid can find!

  • Simple Addition Watermelons

    Simple but playful this single digit addition worksheet makes for great math practice for your first grader.

  • Count the Dots: Single-Digit Addition 30

    Combining visual with number addition, this first grade math worksheet helps children understand the concept of addition.

  • Hanukkah Math

    This worksheet shares Hanukkah themed math problems with numbers under 10.

  • Toy Addition

    Introduce your little math whiz to word problems with this playful addition worksheet.

  • Addition Games: Math Salad 1

    Give your first grader some at-home math practice by asking him to solve this page full of one-digit addition problems.