First Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Word Problem Round-Up: Addition #2

    This round-up of addition word problems contains some cute images that get kids thinking about basic addition in a new way.

  • Check the Facts: Addition and Subtraction

    Want to boost your kid's addition and subtraction savvy? Make sure he checks the facts on this worksheet that's jam-packed with problems.

  • Count 'Em Up: Watermelon Addition

    Looking for a cute addition worksheet to help your child learn her addition facts? With watermelons to help her count, this worksheet fits the bill.

  • Thanksgiving Addition 1

    Your first grader will get into the spirit of the season as she goes to work on these festive addition problems. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Math Search

    Approach addition facts in a more creative way with this math search!

  • Shopping with Daddy

    Your child will practice addition and subtraction by figuring out how much change Daddy got at each store with this word problem.

  • Math Salad 14

    Help your child master single-digit addition with this cheerful first grade math worksheet.

  • Count 'Em Up: Bird Addition

    Help your child take on the role of the early bird by getting a jump-start on his addition skills.

  • Add and Color: Snowmen

    Get your child to practice her addition math facts with a fun snowman coloring sheet.

  • Thanksgiving Addition #2

    Get into the spirit of the Thanksgiving season with a helpful math sheet full of festive addition problems!

  • Simple Addition Word Problems

    This colorful, first grade addition worksheet really has it all: practice with addition word problems, counting, and drawing!

  • Add It Up!

    Hunting for a fun math puzzle? This printable worksheet will flex your child's addition skills to spell out a famous name!

  • Add Three Numbers Word Problems

    Can your first grader practice adding three numbers together to help these working people do their jobs?

  • Adding 10 on a Hundreds Chart

    Practice adding ten to any number with this hundreds chart that helps kids master counting and place value.

  • Add and Color: Ducks

    In this math worksheet, addition and coloring go hand in hand! Your child will get to work on a few simple equations as he colors the picture.

  • Balance Each Side

    This worksheet helps students understand how an equals sign means “the same as.” By filling in missing factors, students gain practice seeing how multiple number combinations can make the same number.

  • Math Salad 10

    To give your first grader's math skills a boost, try printing out this adorable addition worksheet complete with fruit and fun!

  • Math Salad 15

    Tap into the mathematical potential of fruit salad with this first grade addition worksheet.

  • Addition with Jack & the Beanstalk

    Addition with Jack and the beanstalk adds up with this sweet and simple worksheet.

  • Practice Adding and Subtracting with Ten Frames

    Help your little one practice her adding subtracting skills with this game of ten frames! Each ten frame has a set of ten boxes.

  • Make it the Same

    It’s time to learn more about the equals sign! By filling in missing factors, students learn how the equals sign means “the same as.”

  • Count 'Em Up: Pineapple Addition

    Gear up for some sweet and tangy addition practice. Boost your first grader's addition skills with a perfectly pretty pineapple worksheet.

  • Adding Ten on a Hundred Chart

    This hundred chart worksheet makes adding ten easy!

  • Count 'Em Up: Berry Addition

    Help your first grader get a hold of some "berry" good math skills with this colorful counting worksheet!