First Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Count 'Em Up: Cherry Addition

    Adding can be as easy as picking cherries! Here's a fun way to improve your first grader's addition ability.

  • Garden Math

    Math skills will bloom with this garden variety worksheet! Count up the items from this month's harvest to hone addition and subtraction skills.

  • Springtime Addition

    Print out this spring-themed addition worksheet and make the next rainy day an educational one for your first grader!

  • Adding Three Numbers

    Try this bright worksheet to give your first grader some at-home practice with adding three numbers!

  • Practice with Ten Frames

    Each ten frame has ten boxes. Some boxes have red chips and others don't. If the top half of the ten frame is filled with red chips, how many are left? 10-5=5.

  • Math Maze: Single-Digit Addition and Subtraction

    Find your way through this math maze by ordering your answers 1 through 10.

  • Balancing Act

    These scales need balancing! By filling in missing factors, this worksheet helps students understand how an equals sign means “the same as.”

  • Christmas Addition #1

    Ho ho ho! Santa's left lots of colorful presents filled with Christmas addition problems for your child to solve.

  • Complete the Inverse Operation

    Your child will develop the skills necessary to recognize patterns by completing inverse operations as well make a connection between addition and subtraction.

  • Valentine Word Problems

    Build math and reading skills with some sweet Valentine's Day word problems! Kids will practice basic addition and subtraction.

  • Very Nutty!

    You kids will get an intro to basic addition with this worksheet, which challenges them to count and add acorns, walnuts, and almonds!

  • Break the Numbers Down!

    Students learn to decompose numbers through this fun activity. After being given a number, young mathematicians come up with their own way to decompose the number into two different numbers.

  • Three Pigs Addition: Adding Three Numbers

    If your child is confident in his addition skills, challenge him to tackle addition with three numbers.

  • Jumping the Number Line

    Make one big jump, then make little jumps to find the answer. Your child will practice his addition skills by counting the numbers on the number line.

  • Simple Arithmetic

    Have a ball with this addition and subtraction worksheet! Kids fill in the missing numbers on each beach ball to make its statement true.

  • Addition Facts to 10

    Practice addition facts to 10 with this worksheet that makes counting easy!

  • Valentine's Day Math

    Happy Valentine's Day! Your first grader will color all the candies in this heart-shaped box while solving some sweet math problems.

  • Easter Word Problems #4

    Hunt for the solutions in these Easter word problems! Kids will practice reading as they work out these addition and subtraction problems.

  • Count the Dots: Single-Digit Addition 11

    If your first grader needs some help with single-digit addition, capitalize on his counting skills with this colorful addition worksheet!

  • Garden Addition

    Take math practice to the vegetable garden! Work through these rebus-style word problems to practice basic addition from a different approach.

  • Color by Sum Lollipop

    A colorful lollipop and ribbon is all you need to ignite your child's love of math! Solve each equation, and use the sums to fill in blank spaces with color.

  • Word Problem Round-Up: Addition #3

    As your child practices reading comprehension, he'll get a handle on addition, too.

  • Beginning Addition: Hot Air Balloons

    Introduce your child to beginning addition with this colorful first grade math worksheet offering addition problems with sums up to 9. Up, up, and away!

  • At the Toy Store: Addition and Subtraction

    Looking for a worksheet to help your child with his math skills? This printable is all about solving word problems at the toy store.